All about the community of the flock.


My Flock

Every hen at Sara’s Pick of the Coop is special, each is an individual, and each is treated with great care. The flock consists of a wide variety of breeds, this is because different breeds lay different colored eggs.

I sell rainbow dozens, each dozen has a multitude of colored eggs ranging from white to mauve, caramel to chocolate, and even olive green to robin’s egg blue.

Ever wonder which type of chicken laid which color egg in your carton? Well here is a quick rundown of egg color! Rhode Island Red’s are your classic red hen and lay a medium brown egg; Welsummers look very similar to the Rhode Island Red but lay darker colored brown eggs, even as dark as milk chocolate! Auracanas lay blue eggs of all shades while Americanas, a cross between an Auracana and any brown egg laying breed will lay green eggs. The Blue Leghorns, Brown Leghorns, and Silver Speckled Hamburgs all lay white eggs.

  • Brown Leghorns 27.74%
  • Rhode Island Reds 19.71%
  • Welsummers 14.60%
  • Araucanas 12.41%
  • Americanas 11.68%
  • Blue Leghorns 5.11%
  • Silver Spangled Hamburgs 1.02%
  • Polish 0.44%
  • Silver Laced Wyanndottes 0.44%
  • Barred Rocks 0.44%
  • Buff Orpingtons 0.44%
  • Mixed Breeds 4.38%
  • Other Leghorns 1.61%