Exciting news everyone!
On Wednesday, 3/4, 200 baby brown leghorns arrived! They are super cute, however due to the recent cold weather they are living in my basement. This week they will move out to the ranch and into their new brooder.

Home brooder waiting for chicks to come

Brown Leghorn chicks

Thursday my home incubator chicks began hatching, we ended up with 10 of those, one is still trying to hatch.

Home hatch with a few feisty brown leghorns

Friday we picked up a chicken tractor and some hens from Cresset farms, just North of Fort Collins. These hens got to take a ride down I-25 in their coop, but have arrived safely at Mountain Sky. I got my first egg from them yesterday!

Hauling chickens down I-25


The bobcat somehow lifted the coop and we got it set in place


Chicken on their first adventure at Mountain Sky


Coop Set in place

Very First egg!